Consumer empowerment

Consumer Empowerment is a new business trend which has become very powerful thanks in part to the Internet. This trends give the power of marketing a product to the consumer. How so? Well conventional marketing is based in making decision on estimates. The company estimates: target market, the slogan, the price, the way to focus the advertisement. And while there are marketing studies that the estimate is fairly accurate there are other which they completely forget the must important thing. What is it the client wants? This is why Consumer Empowerment is so important who would know better about what the costumer wants than himself.
The costumer knows what the product is missing because that what he is missing from the product. And who better to advice and new costumer than a loyal veteran costumer. And the trust between costumers is greater than the trust between the costumer and a Sales Support representative, somebody who is being payed to say what he is saying.
And nowadays the costumer has so much tools and ways of having his voice heard by the masses. The Internet is to blame on this front. People share there thoughts through social media sites, they post there knowledge on websites, forums, blogs and email lists. This empowers the costumer voice .
But Consumer Empowerment is so much more than using the client voice as a way of promotion. It's using it to make actual decision for a product. To fix mistakes that have been done. One clear example is Apple's original iPhone used to come with the battery soldered. This didn't set with the consumer so well. Forcing apple to accept there mistakes and releasing a iPhone without the battery soldered.
This is the trend the will define all future products. Due that it's viral and it's just gets bigger. Visit this site to learn more about Consumer Empowerment.

Social Networks

Pfizer has been using social networks such as ShareCare, Twitter and YouTube to support customers and to address certain issues concerning .