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Harvard Business Review on CDI

Need a disclaimer here – I am not working for P&G at the moment: the P&G coverage in this blog is just a consequence of how P&G are leading the field in terms of consumer empowerment and CDI (consumer driven innovation) at the moment, at least in the consumer packaged goods sector.

Tide to Go - P&G’s new CDI initiative

‘Tide to Go’

Marketing 2.0

Click Z columnist Dave Evans has pronounced Web 2.0 the saviour of word of mouth marketing. I couldn’t agree more.

Web 2.0 (read high bandwidth Internet) provides for the first time in the history of marketing, scalable technology for listening, involving and engaging target buyers in the development and commericalization of new products.

CDI - Nike ID and MMs Global Vote

Jaap Favier – of Forrester presented two examples of CDI - consumer generated innovation – at the CDI marketing conference in London last week.

Nike IDs – the online service that allows consumers to design their own custom sneaker is not new – but it is an example of how technology can enable CDI.

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