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Massive Briefing “Customer-Made” at Trendwatching

Extensive article on active customer involvement currently online as a Trendwatching-Briefing available.

Whirlpool Consumer Driven Innovation

Business Week has a story on what electrical goods brand Whirlpool dubs consumer-driven innovation (CDI) model of . Interesting that CDI is a being appropriated as a term for any innovation that builds on consumer needs. Does CDI need consumer participation – or just consumer listening? Hmm…

Economist Article on CDI

Nice quote from the Economist “Not only is the customer king: now he is market-research head, R&D chief and product-development manager, too.”

The article drawing on the first book on CDI (consumer driven innovation) – Democratizing Innovation at $19.77 from Amazon.

Danone’s latest CDI campaign

So French CPG Giant Danone are doing CDI (consumer driven innovation) – Online and SMS poll to decide the flavor of their next dessert. Watch out if you look at the site in the office – you’ll be zapped by a very loud French jingle…

Thanks to Spheeris for the link

CDI: Forrester Business Survey

I reently spoke at a Forrester conference on CDI (consumer driven innovation), with big brands (Google, BMW, Paramount Pictures…) present. An interesting survey was conducted amongst the delgates present at the conference about the reality of CDI in their firms. Bottom line – the desire to involve clients, customers and consumers in marketing.

Austrian Taste Design Competition: Trinkhanf

Another venture is tapping into the open source creativity pool: Austrian-based entrepreneur Christian Frenkenberger, in collaboration with a university in Vienna, has launched the Trinkhenf Challenge (Trinkhenf translates as something like Hemp Drink).

The public is invited to purchase the product – which is based on biologically cultivated henf seed and water.

Threadless and Wine Mass Customization

In our case list, we are mentioning the La Fraise project. It should be noted that the founder of says that he was inspired by the US-based Threadless, a site much like his that has been around since some time in 2000. Frank Piller at MTI has some more information about Threadless.

Fanisodes for the L-Word

US TV-Show “The L-Word” engages in some serious consumer empowerment. In their “The L Word – A Fanisode” section on the web, fans are encouraged to contribute to and collectively write a new episode, in a scene-by-scene process.

From the 3rd of February onwards until the end of March, collectively people will write the episod.

PR Week about Mozilla’s Open Source Approach for the design and marketing of Firefox

The Firefox story is one of the most striking examples that show how empowering customers and users can help shape not only the destiny of a brand, but even the rules of a whole market. In PR Week, there is a fairly comprehensive article that describes how Mozilla managed to extend the open source mentality.

Kettle Chips Do it Again

Online Polling as a way of deciding on which new product variant to launch is not new, but Kettle Chips are at it again, and with a twist – the program funds itself. Their People’s Choice initiative involves inviting consumers to pay to order samples of a limited run (read exclusive) of potential new.