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Massive Briefing “Customer-Made” at Trendwatching Extensive article on active customer involvement currently online as a Trendwatching-Briefing available. There is also a PDF Download.

More opportunities for consumers to create ads: Current tv and Mastercard Brands’ inviting consumers to develop ads keeps spreading. Mastercard has made two commercials and is inviting anyone to contribute the lines that are needed to turn it into a proper “Priceless” commercial. Interestingly, the Open Source approach is rather limited here – people aren’t asked to create a complete commercial, but only to contribute the [...]

Threadless and Wine Mass Customization In our case list, we are mentioning the La Fraise project. It should be noted that the founder of says that he was inspired by the US-based Threadless, a site much like his that has been around since some time in 2000. Frank Piller at MTI has some more information about Threadless, and how [...]

P&G’s consumer empowerment panel for Moms under new name: Vocalpoint Somewhat under the radar, Tremor Moms has already been operating for a while now, recruiting members still under the Tremor label. Now, things are going public (at WOMMA, for instance), and the brand name is new: Vocalpoint (to which the old URL redirects).

On the website, it says: “Vocalpoint is a unique marketing brand powered by [...]

PR Week about Mozilla’s Open Source Approach for the design and marketing of Firefox

The Firefox story is one of the most striking examples that show how empowering customers and users can help shape not only the destiny of a brand, but even the rules of a whole market. In PR Week, there is a fairly comprehensive article that describes how Mozilla managed to extend the open source mentality [...]

Pontiac’s interesting take on Consumer Empowerment

In a local campaign in the US, GM brand Pontiac used a rather unique call to action: “Don’t take our word for it, google pontiac and discover for yourself”. To explain the approach, GM’s head of sales said in BusinessWeek: “We’re touting Google, frankly, because it stands for credibility and consumer empowerment, and we like [...]

Web-based T-Shirt company Spreadshirt “outsources” logo development to users

Coined the “Open Logo Project”, Spreadshirt invites their clients and users to (re-)design their logo. A few submissions have already been made.

The Need for Niche - Big Brands Wake Up to the Power of Peer Generated Media

How do big brand’s such as Nike deal with the dilemma of needing to appear exclusive and aspirational when their business model is based on massive mass production?

The answer, according to an interesting article this morning, is personalized, or rather community-based advertising. The idea is to identify ‘identity communities’ and tailor your marketing [...]

Consumer Empowerment article on MarketingProfs

We had the chance to contribute an article to MarketingProfs, the online marketing ressource for professionals and professors.

In the article, entitled “Consumer Empowerment Reloaded: Why Your Customers Should Drive Your Marketing”, we explain how the Hawthorne effect, a psychological mechanism, is actually at play when consumers are empowered. And we talk about how companies can [...]