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Massive Briefing “Customer-Made” at Trendwatching Extensive article on active customer involvement currently online as a Trendwatching-Briefing available. There is also a PDF Download.

Beta Products and Responsibility Interesting article about Betas by Stephen Bryant at I particularly find this observation interesting:

“But in light of the importance of e-mail, does Google have a responsibility to stabilize Gmail? Yes. Imagine if any other product development company released such widespread public betas. What if the entire 2006 Ford product line was a beta? What [...]

The Museum of Modern Betas

Documenting that software companies are massively increasing their reliance on consumer and customer empowerment, The Museum of Modern Betas is compiling a list of web-based applications in beta. There is also a blog.

Found this at einfach persönlich sideblog.

Innocentive invites the public to contribute to corporate research

Online company Innocentive is a forum that connects corporations with independent researchers and inventors, allowing individuals to reap rewards for solutions to companies’ problems. Founded as a start-up out of Eli Lilly, the company has a range of clients today: BASF, Novartis, Nestlé or Procter & Gamble. Through “Open Innovation”, these companies tap into the [...]

CDI - Nike ID and MMs Global Vote

Jaap Favier – of Forrester presented two examples of CDI - consumer generated innovation – at the CDI marketing conference in London last week.

Nike IDs – the online service that allows consumers to design their own custom sneaker is not new – but it is an example of how technology can enable CDI - through [...]

CDI - Consumer Driven Innovation

So a new three-letter business acronym has been born. Welcome to the world CDI.

CDI - consumer-driven innovation, was the theme of the European consumer marketing conference where I spoke last week – hosted by Forrester. And because the business world loves TLAs, CDI is a term that is likely to stick.

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Should Charities enable “donor empowerment”?

Inspired by the Kettle Foods story, Jeff Brooks (who blogs about fundraising) asks whether it might not make sense to make use of the empowerment idea for fundraising, i.e. to transfer power to donors – the “customers” in the fundraising world, so to speak.

His suggestion: Since this already does happen on a bigger scale – [...]

Exploring co-creation: Chris Lawer on dimensions and definitions

Chris Lawer lists various dimensions and definitions that describe the type of viewpoint needed, in order to really build on the idea of co-creation with the customer.

Under the sub-header “Source of Value”, Lawer says: “Value lies in the co-creation experience – i.e. in the actual experience of delivering and achieving the personalised outcome for the [...]

Brand Elections à la française

The business newspaper Les Echos (French version of the WSJ/FT) has published a piece on customer empowerment, that’s archived here.

A recent initiatve by McDonalds invited French customers to vote and call the shots on which limited edition classic burger would be launched – McTimber, McSummer and McFarmer were the winners – 40,000 online votes [...]