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Massive Briefing “Customer-Made” at Trendwatching Extensive article on active customer involvement currently online as a Trendwatching-Briefing available. There is also a PDF Download.

Will brand-driven consumer involvement overtax the audience? Pamela Parker asks a few very relevant questions in her recent piece You and Your Users, Marketing Together on ClickZ, namely: Is the CDI tactic of creating competitions for consumers and customers, for advertising development, quickly turning into a fad? How many more competitions of this sort will the audience want to accept, before people [...]

Web-based T-Shirt company Spreadshirt “outsources” logo development to users Coined the “Open Logo Project”, Spreadshirt invites their clients and users to (re-)design their logo. A few submissions have already been made.

Consumer Empowerment article on MarketingProfs We had the chance to contribute an article to MarketingProfs, the online marketing ressource for professionals and professors.

In the article, entitled “Consumer Empowerment Reloaded: Why Your Customers Should Drive Your Marketing”, we explain how the Hawthorne effect, a psychological mechanism, is actually at play when consumers are empowered. And we talk about how companies can [...]

CDI - Consumer Driven Innovation

So a new three-letter business acronym has been born. Welcome to the world CDI.

CDI - consumer-driven innovation, was the theme of the European consumer marketing conference where I spoke last week – hosted by Forrester. And because the business world loves TLAs, CDI is a term that is likely to stick.

Speaking alongside [...]

Brand Elections à la française

The business newspaper Les Echos (French version of the WSJ/FT) has published a piece on customer empowerment, that’s archived here.

A recent initiatve by McDonalds invited French customers to vote and call the shots on which limited edition classic burger would be launched – McTimber, McSummer and McFarmer were the winners – 40,000 online votes [...]