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Threadless and Wine Mass Customization In our case list, we are mentioning the La Fraise project. It should be noted that the founder of says that he was inspired by the US-based Threadless, a site much like his that has been around since some time in 2000. Frank Piller at MTI has some more information about Threadless, and how [...]

The Need for Niche - Big Brands Wake Up to the Power of Peer Generated Media How do big brand’s such as Nike deal with the dilemma of needing to appear exclusive and aspirational when their business model is based on massive mass production?

The answer, according to an interesting article this morning, is personalized, or rather community-based advertising. The idea is to identify ‘identity communities’ and tailor your marketing [...]

Trailer Crashers

Want to be in a Hollywood movie? Easy. Goto the ‘Wedding Crashers’ movie site and do some ‘trailer crashing’ – uploading yourself into the movie trailer! Is this a new era of consumer empowerment where consumers get to be the stars of movies?

This Newsweek article covers this and other Consumer Empowerment [...]

The Economics of Peer Production

In his Business 2.0 article The Economics of Peer Production, Eric Schonfeld argues for the emergence of a new third way of organising the creation of economic value. The two existing ways are or were organisation by companies (Ford owned everything there was needed when one wanted to produce cars) or by markets (a car [...]