Marketing 2.0

Posted on Wednesday 11 January 2006

Click Z columnist Dave Evans has pronounced Web 2.0 the saviour of word of mouth marketing. I couldn’t agree more.

Web 2.0 (read high bandwidth Internet) provides for the first time in the history of marketing, scalable technology for listening, involving and engaging target buyers in the development and commericalization of new products and services. Rather than create a handful of word of mouth advocates by inviting them to participate in a focus group – Web 2.0 technology allows you to do this with tens of thousands of target consumers. Web 2.0 makes word of mouth scalable – and as Dave points out it harnesses the collective intelligence of your target market.

P&G’s Tremor and Tremor Moms online panels are pioneering the way here – involving 750 000 opinion leading consumers in the development and commercialization of new products and services. Made possible with web 2.0 technology.

For those who understand word of mouth and how to harness it (rule – creating a word of mouth advocate involves first listening to what they have to say), the power of Web 2.0 to create genuine dialogue with and within target markets means it’s an exciting time to be in marketing. Watch this space.