PR Week about Mozilla’s Open Source Approach for the design and marketing of Firefox

Posted on Friday 27 January 2006

The Firefox story is one of the most striking examples that show how empowering customers and users can help shape not only the destiny of a brand, but even the rules of a whole market. In PR Week, there is a fairly comprehensive article that describes how Mozilla managed to extend the open source mentality from the browser development throught to its marketing. And how that has yielded some amazing effects in the market as a whole.

According to the article, even Netscape see Firefox’s success as a good sign that the browser market will eventually shed the Microsoft dominance and allow for a range of competitors to share the cake.

Flock is another Open Source Browser. Colin Cook works as account supervisor at Voce Communications, Flock’s agency, he says: “Flock’s approach is one of empowerment. Its approach is very similar to what Mozilla has done in terms of community involvement.”

Thanks to Stéphane for the hint.