Threadless and Wine Mass Customization

Posted on Friday 24 February 2006

In our case list, we are mentioning the La Fraise project. It should be noted that the founder of La Fraise says that he was inspired by the US-based Threadless, a site much like his that has been around since some time in 2000. MTI has some more information about Threadless, and how they involve their audience in the t-shirt design process.

Frank also writes about how some innovative wine companies are offering mass customization for wines. The more you start digging in that broad field between Open Source Marketing and Mass Customization, the more you see how they can interlink, and how customer driven innovation can both build business directly and have a strong impact on marketing. By the way, Open Source Marketing pioneers Blowfly are also building the Mass Customization part of their business with a vengeance (Brewtopia Beer Builder).