Austrian Taste Design Competition: Trinkhanf

Posted on Saturday 4 March 2006

Another venture is tapping into the open source creativity pool: Austrian-based entrepreneur Christian Frenkenberger, in collaboration with a university in Vienna, has launched the Trinkhenf Challenge (Trinkhenf translates as something like Hemp Drink). The public is invited to purchase the product – which is based on biologically cultivated henf seed and water – and to experiment with it, by adding whatever natural ingredients they want to choose, to create their own special flavour. The winning mixture will be chosen on the first of May 2006, and it will then be launched on the market. An interesting detail – the creator of the winning mix will reap a part of the profit: one cent per drink sold goes to its creator.

Right now, the drink is available in a its pure form without flavouring, and as a coffee mix. This spring, they are launching two additional flavours, Mango/Ginger and Chocolate. All the details about the competition can be found at the Hanfmilch.