More opportunities for consumers to create ads: Current tv and Mastercard

Posted on Friday 10 March 2006

Brands’ inviting consumers to develop ads keeps spreading. Mastercard has made two commercials and is inviting anyone to contribute the lines that are needed to turn it into a proper “Priceless” commercial. Interestingly, the Open Source approach is rather limited here – people aren’t asked to create a complete commercial, but only to contribute the copy to the ads.

And Current TV, the Al Gore-backed Open Source TV Channel, is running a project dubbed “V-CAM” – viewer-created ad messages. The current client seems to be Sony, and viewers are invited to contribute ideas and creative in several categories.

A short film on the page explains the stakes – if an ad film gets chosen to play on, the creator receives $ 1,000. If Sony wants to use it beyond that, it can go up to amounts ranging from $ 5,000 to 10,000. The pages also provides tips on how to make a good commercial, and a survival guide for making films.