Tide to Go - P&G’s new CDI initiative

Posted on Friday 10 March 2006

P&G’s consumer-driven innovation (CDI), Tide To Go has just won a consumer award.

Tide to Go is a portable stain removal pen designed specifically to remove many fresh food and drinks stains instantly.

“Tide to Go is the result of Tide’s focus on consumer driven innovation. Our research clearly indicated an unmet need for a portable stain solution that is both effective and convenient for consumers”.

Interestingly, this kind of consumer-driven innovation is less about consumers coming up for a solution to a problem themselves and getting a manufacturer to make it, but more about dialogue between consumers and manufacturers, where the manufacturer listens to consumer problems, and produces a solution to the problem.

Sounds like text book marketing to me (solving people’s problems at a profit).

But in the real world, where the term ‘marketing’ has been so trivialised to mean advertising, and marketers are just the guys who do the ‘brochures’, perhaps a new word is needed for real marketing.

CDI is the word P&G seem to have chosen. Is it about consumer empowerment, you bet; ‘we make, you buy’ becomes ‘we listen, we make, you buy’